MacDowell Colony 7/13 – 9/7 : Part 1

I don’t know where to start.  I just have to say that what I experienced this summer was something magical.  Something that I will never forget for my life time.

I was in the woods for eight weeks at MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire.  MacDowell colony is truly a jewel of the world.  This is an artist colony that founded in 1907 by Marian and Edward MacDowell.  During the period of the residency, we are guaranteed the time of creative freedom with absolute quietness and no disturbance.  No one can visit your studio without your invitation.  You are surrounded by the incredible green light and sound created by the woods.  I have never known that there are so many sounds in the woods.  And same time, I have never known what the absolute silence was.

MacDowell colony provides individual artist (visual artist, writer, composer, interdisciplinary artist, and architect)  with a cabin that fulfill the need of the project.  I was in NEF studio which is one of their few live-in studio.  NEF is a photographer’s studio which provides almost all the needs in this medium including a large shooting space and darkroom.

NEF studio

NEF studio

NEF Studio : view from main windows

NEF Studio : view of the shooting space from the sleeping loft, darkroom locates at the other side of the door

I have been working on the series of images that are actually continuous series of “One Afternoon”. The working title “One day series” is a nine panel piece that critically depicts the activity and life style of people throughout the day.   “One Afternoon” will be the center three panels and morning panels will be on its left and evening panels will be on its right.  When it is done, it will be 78″ x 32′.  The largest piece of mine.  I worked on morning panels in Michigan, and I wanted to finish shooting the figures of all nine panels at MacDowell.  And NEF did provide me time and a space for it.  I still do need to work on this project, but I basically could finish almost all the basic shooting at NEF studio.  Hopefully the piece will be completed in this year.  Keep checking for images of the brand new work to come on this site.

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