MacDowell Colony 7/13 – 9/7: Part 3

OK. The last thing I want to mention about MacDowell colony is the core of the residency. It is about fellow artists. Through this residency, I met incredible visual artists, writers, composers, a choreographer, film makers, an opera singer, and architects. And it is these people who made the residency incredibly rich and valuable to me.
I had so many incredible exchanges and conversations with fellow residents. We discussed ideas of works, talked about our passions to create and exchanged experiences of our lives. My work and my thinking process have actually changed during this residency. Best of all, I could sit in many presentations/performances of fellow residents and these performances are incredible. Some performance literally left me shedding tears as physical response. Getting know these people and having them as life long friends are the best thing happened to me this summer. I want to go back to MacDowell colony again in the future, period.

My entry to a NFE tombstone

My entry to a NFE tombstone


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