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Cleveland Ohio, our new home

Good bye Huntsville Alabama.  Hello Cleveland Ohio, our new home!  New chapter begins!

MacDowell Colony 7/13 – 9/7: Part 3

OK. The last thing I want to mention about MacDowell colony is the core of the residency. It is about fellow artists. Through this residency, I met incredible visual artists, writers, composers, a choreographer, film makers, an opera singer, and architects. And it is these people who made the residency incredibly rich and valuable to […]

MacDowell Colony 7/13 – 9/7 : Part 2

Studios/cabins at the colony are incredible as I mentioned in the previous post, but also the food at the colony worth a new blog entry.  It starts from the breakfast even though I only made it for few times.  If you come to the Colony Hall by 8:30, you can request hot breakfast.  All the […]

Updates of my drifting life

It is hard to keep track of how many times I moved for past 3 years.  San Antonio > St. Louis > Japan > Roswell, New Mexico > St. Louis > Japan > Albion, Michigan > St. Louis > San Antonio.  I finally settled down in San Antonio about a month ago.  I got luck […]


I finally came back to my hometown, Nara, to visit my family after spending a year and half in Roswell.   Coming back to Japan is always more shocking to me than going back to America.  I already know what to expect since I lived here for twenty some years.   However, time spent in America […]

Bye Bye Roswell

Roswell, New Mexico…. I was there for about 15 months since Feburary 2008. It was an incredible time at Roswell Artist in Residency Program. My friend Renee told me that I was the only Japanese woman she knew who truly loved desert…. I really did feel like I was from that climate. Especially working with […]

Furgie the cat

Furgie ( I am not sure how to spell her name) is a cat owned by the director of the residency, Steven.  She roams around the compound to make sure if everything is in place, checks everyone’s window and always talks to us.  Yes, she talks a lot in loud voice….  She also like to […]

Another bitterlake sunset

So this time, we went back with all the equipments we needed to observe birds, such as egg sandwitch, egg nog, and binocular. It was probably the best sunset of the year. Amazingly beautiful. The air looked pink and more birds than last time. The bird we wanted to see was the sand hill craine. […]


So here is our pumpkin lantern. The Hubbits are coming.

Birds are back

I have been hearing loud noises coming from the sky recently. Today I went out to find out and it was at least 40 birds flying in perfect V-shape heading toward the Bitter lake. Yes, the birds are back! I came to Roswell at the end of January which was too late to see these […]