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I finally came back to my hometown, Nara, to visit my family after spending a year and half in Roswell.   Coming back to Japan is always more shocking to me than going back to America.  I already know what to expect since I lived here for twenty some years.   However, time spent in America […]

Beautiful but unfriendly lake

Since December, this is the fist post in 2009….  I will try to get better… So back in February, I and Jimmy visited Bonita lake in Capitan where I heard so much about its beauty.  We packed lunch, drink, snacks, and books.  We were so ready for fun picnic. First, I forgot that was in […]

Trip to Sitting Bull Falls

I went to Sitting Bull Falls in Lincoln National Forest to research the next location for photo shooting. Sitting Bull Falls is located about 50 minutes from downtown Carlsbad, NM. Byron, with the National Forest Services, showed me some spots with incredible views. After driving on bumpy roads, we hiked down to one of the […]