so many bullet shells

shot gun shell

shot gun shell

Roswell is pretty and I am loving it, but there are some things here that make you feel that you are in the wild west. If you drive a couple of miles out of Roswell, you will see a whole lot of nothing. And in this “nothing land”, people go out and practice shooting. The bad thing about this is that I am shooting my photographs (not guns) in these fields, and I heard so many gun shots pretty close to me. Right now, my project is about these evolved bunnies living secretly in the lands of New Mexico, and I dress up like bunny to do my photo shooting. So, for them, I am a really good hunting target to shoot. Anyway, I found many empty shells on the ground and started to collect them. 22, Winchester 270, 726, 30-30, shotgun shells, etc. All kinds of them. Coming from Japan, possessing of gun still startles me and I am not appreciating it at all, but I found the shells to be beautiful objects. I am using these to make one of the tools that the bunnies use. I am not telling you what exactly I am making. You will see it in the exhibition in November in Roswell Museum of Art. (I think).


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