So here is our pumpkin lantern. The Hubbits are coming.

Getting ready for the exhibition

My Roswell show is coming up next month (opens on November 21st at Roswell Museum of Art) and I am getting ready for it. We have just made a trip to Albuquerque to pick up some plexi for framing and now Jimmy is slaving away to make frames for me. Thank you!! The show title […]

so many bullet shells

Roswell is pretty and I am loving it, but there are some things here that make you feel that you are in the wild west. If you drive a couple of miles out of Roswell, you will see a whole lot of nothing. And in this “nothing land”, people go out and practice shooting. The […]

Trip to Sitting Bull Falls

I went to Sitting Bull Falls in Lincoln National Forest to research the next location for photo shooting. Sitting Bull Falls is located about 50 minutes from downtown Carlsbad, NM. Byron, with the National Forest Services, showed me some spots with incredible views. After driving on bumpy roads, we hiked down to one of the […]