MacDowell Colony 7/13 – 9/7: Part 3

OK. The last thing I want to mention about MacDowell colony is the core of the residency. It is about fellow artists. Through this residency, I met incredible visual artists, writers, composers, a choreographer, film makers, an opera singer, and architects. And it is these people who made the residency incredibly rich and valuable to […]

MacDowell Colony 7/13 – 9/7 : Part 2

Studios/cabins at the colony are incredible as I mentioned in the previous post, but also the food at the colony worth a new blog entry.  It starts from the breakfast even though I only made it for few times.  If you come to the Colony Hall by 8:30, you can request hot breakfast.  All the […]

MacDowell Colony 7/13 – 9/7 : Part 1

I don’t know where to start.  I just have to say that what I experienced this summer was something magical.  Something that I will never forget for my life time. I was in the woods for eight weeks at MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire.  MacDowell colony is truly a jewel of the world.  This […]