Another bitterlake sunset

So this time, we went back with all the equipments we needed to observe birds, such as egg sandwitch, egg nog, and binocular. It was probably the best sunset of the year. Amazingly beautiful. The air looked pink and more birds than last time. The bird we wanted to see was the sand hill craine. […]


So here is our pumpkin lantern. The Hubbits are coming.

Texas Style cowboy tater

I have never seen so many fries… Here is a Texas style cowboy tater that we found at Eastern New Mexico State Fair. It was really good at the beginning but we started to notice vegetable oil dripping from our faces… After this tater, I still had to consume a funnel cake. Who can pass […]

State Fair Parade

For the past 3 weeks, Nancy and Jimmi (our new friend from Colorado Springs) slaved away to make a float for the Democratic Party to participate in the Eastern New Mexico State Fair parade. Many artists on the compound also helped painting, and I think we did make the BEST float in that parade. The […]

so many bullet shells

Roswell is pretty and I am loving it, but there are some things here that make you feel that you are in the wild west. If you drive a couple of miles out of Roswell, you will see a whole lot of nothing. And in this “nothing land”, people go out and practice shooting. The […]

Unidentified flying object??

Jimmy is finally here in Roswell. He got here on 15th and since then I have been taking him around Roswell to show him the pretty spots. His first day here, we went to Bitter Lake wildlife refuge (7 miles away from the residency compound). It was just before the sunset, and the sky was […]


I have been in Roswell for past 7 months living in an artist in residence program. Life here is great, with no schedule and all the time I want for what I want to do. So I am trying to make as much art as possible but I am also enjoying doing things that I […]

Trip to Sitting Bull Falls

I went to Sitting Bull Falls in Lincoln National Forest to research the next location for photo shooting. Sitting Bull Falls is located about 50 minutes from downtown Carlsbad, NM. Byron, with the National Forest Services, showed me some spots with incredible views. After driving on bumpy roads, we hiked down to one of the […]