Another bitterlake sunset

So this time, we went back with all the equipments we needed to observe birds, such as egg sandwitch, egg nog, and binocular. It was probably the best sunset of the year. Amazingly beautiful. The air looked pink and more birds than last time. The bird we wanted to see was the sand hill craine. […]

Birds are back

I have been hearing loud noises coming from the sky recently. Today I went out to find out and it was at least 40 birds flying in perfect V-shape heading toward the Bitter lake. Yes, the birds are back! I came to Roswell at the end of January which was too late to see these […]

Trip to Sitting Bull Falls

I went to Sitting Bull Falls in Lincoln National Forest to research the next location for photo shooting. Sitting Bull Falls is located about 50 minutes from downtown Carlsbad, NM. Byron, with the National Forest Services, showed me some spots with incredible views. After driving on bumpy roads, we hiked down to one of the […]